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Day-Time Activities

With its endless sandy white beaches and clear blue waters, it is no wonder that most holiday-makers describe Hammamet as a paradise. With regards to the beachfront and sumptuous coastline there is all manner of activities available, from swimming, sailing, scuba-diving, water-skiing, dolphin-watching via one of the many boat trips, to simply basking in the heat as a sun-worshipper. If you prefer to stay away from all this, most of the hotels in Hammamet have their own private beaches for you to enjoy in seclusion.

For all golf-lovers, Hammamet is, quite simply, a haven. There are a total of three professional golf courses barely a stone’s throw from your hotel, along with many others in the vicinity of the resort.  If you’re looking for a proper 18-hole game then head to Golf Citrus, which has two courses. The Yasmine Golf Course comes complete with a creek and two small lakes for a more aesthetically-pleasing, natural habitat on which to tee-off from.

For those looking for pampering above all else, Hammamet (meaning bath in Arabic) plays host to a variety of health treatments, including: seaweed wraps and baths, physiotherapy, as well as treatment for skin and nutrition issues.


For eating out, the selection of cafes, restaurants, ice-cream parlours and beyond will be sure to keep your palate satisfied – there are so many options you won’t believe your eyes. Western menus with pizza and traditional British fayre are easily found, but the local dishes such as couscous, and makroudh (a honey cake stuffed with dates and drenched in syrup) shouldn’t be missed. More specifically, top restaurants in Hammamet include the Chez Achour and La Brise both of which can be found in the centre of town.


Hammamet’s shopping is extensive, from carpets and crafted leather goods to standard souvenirs, with the variety of markets, both modern and old, housing a variety of items. A trip to the medieval souk, or bazaar, for its goods as well its character, should be high up on your list. There is also a main shopping centre for more general goods.


There are numerous bars, clubs and discos for entertainment-seekers, but most close by midnight, meaning the entertainment is mostly found back at the hotels themselves.

Day Trips and Excursions

If you’re looking for a historically-fascinating day-trip then Hammamet is the perfect base. Firstly, there is the Cape Bon Peninsula – a glorious garden around which you can go exploring the many old towns it houses. There is beautiful, 15th Century architecture that unfolds among the ancient medina of Kasbah. Along the way, in neighbouring towns like Nabeul and El Haouaria, you can also observe great pottery and stonework, vibrant flowers and birdlife. If that wasn’t enough there’s also the possibility of seeing the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kerbouane.

Another very worthwhile day trip is to the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, which features another World Heritage Site in the shape of a medina, as well as the more modern boulevards and cafes. For museum-goers there is plenty to savour with the Carthage Museum holding ancient ruins and immense artifacts. There are also the Roman ruins Dougga and the Roman amphitheatre at El Jem to quench any further thirst for history.

A holiday in Hammamet just wouldn’t be complete without a trip into the Sahara desert via one of the many safaris on offer. Guides can take you and your family to stunning locations such as the Atlas Mountains, where parts of the Star Wars movies were shot, and finish up on a nightly feast with Bedouin tribesmen.

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