Hammamet is typically-Mediterranean in terms of its dry, hot summers and cold winters tinged with rainfall.

Hammamet’s summer lasts from April till November. At both ends of the spectrum temperatures are usually consistently around the 20C mark. June, July and August are of course the peak summer months and you will find striking heat with temperatures in the mid 30s. Summer is however more pleasant moving away from these months, with less extreme heat. Evenings are, nevertheless, a different prospect, with temperatures dipping to roughly 12°C from early to late summer. Moving towards the end of summer in October and November, the chance of rainfall is increased.

As to be expected, winter in Hammamet brings with a considerably colder and wetter forecast. While day-time temperatures from December through to February hit an average of 16°C, at any point in this season, the evenings see temperatures drop to as low as freezing. As mentioned previously, the rain starts to fall coming into October, yet temperatures remain very pleasant at 20°C in the day and 18°C at night.

Expect up to eleven hours of sunshine at the height of summer, and 4 hours of sunshine during the peak of the winter lull.

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